Select the Best Pole System

Introduction to the Advanced Pole System®

Thinking about buying a pole system for your backyard birds? It’s an investment! Pole systems are not a one size fits all needs. We’ll spend about 30-45 minutes with you to help create your custom solution. We’ll ask where you live... folks need different configurations depending on their location. We’ll ask about what kinds of birds you want to attract, where you’ll be placing the system, and if you have any issues with squirrels and/or raccoons. And lots more! Whew – who knew?!

We’ll also give you instructions on how to put it together. It only takes a few minutes to install – easy, peasy. You’ll leave the store with a pole system perfect for your backyard birding oasis. And as you decide to do more (and you will!), you’ll easily be able to add our EZ attach elements such as decorative perches, suet/mealworm feeders, or additional shepherd’s hooks. Our pole system will bring you many years of joy in feeding the wild birds! Watch this video to see our basic pole system.