Everything to Attract Woodpeckers - All In One Box!

It’s always a great time to attract woodpeckers! And there's never been a better time to share a little joy! Our "Share the Joy" Boxes make it easy. Each comes loaded with a bird feeder, food and accessories. Order a box today for your friends and loved ones to let them know you're thinking of them. We'll deliver a box full of joy directly to their door! Or, order one for yourself and get started attracting woodpeckers to your own backyard.

The Woodpecker Box includes our copper Suet Cylinder feeder with a Hot Pepper No-Melt Supersuet™ Cylinder, and our EZ-Full Suet cage with a Hot Pepper Supersuet™ or Hot Pepper SuperSuet™ (No-Melt).

Besides the Woodpecker Box, we also have the Hummingbird Box. Visit us in-store to purchase or online! Hurry, quantities are limited.

*Contents may vary based on product availability.